Artist Statement

I am a writer, poet, and artist interested in the possibilities of text becoming dynamic works of art. Lately I have been investigating how poetry can be ergodic (requiring non-trivial effort to read) by creating kinetic sculptures that I call “axial poems”. In these sculptures, poetic lines rotate on either horizontal or vertical axes, requiring active effort to access the texts and also allowing the reader/user to experiment with re-mixing the text. My hope is that this process raises questions about traditional notions of authorship.

Recently with the Voices of Niagara Project, I had the opportunity to experiment with community authorship. The gathered text was curated on a website, which in turn invited further submissions. As a result a type of dialogue emerged. These submissions were remixed into four poems and then transcribed onto a large kinetic sculpture called “The Future is The Past”. The reader/user is invited to remix these poems into something new, thus further confounding questions of authorship.