The Future Is The Past (2014)
Kinetic Poetry Sculpture

Reclaimed Barn Wood, Copper, Aluminum, Cob (Earth, Sand, Straw), Clay Plaster, Lime Wash, Natural Pigments

This interactive poetry sculpture is the culmination of a two-year long community art project called Voices of Niagara. The project was a call for creative work from the diverse population of Niagara County, New York. People were encouraged to write creatively about their community. The submissions were posted on a website and then remixed to create four poems that were color coded and transcribed onto cob blocks. The blocks allow the poetic lines to rotate independently, allowing the viewer to access each poem, as well as to remix them into new poems. Special consideration was given to using sustainable and locally sourced materials (reclaimed barn wood from 1840 and clay rich subsoil were both harvested from Niagara County).